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Pathos ClassicOne

Wunderschöner sehr musikalischer HighEnd-Verstärker.
Röhrenvorstufe mit Transistorendstufe = Klangfarben mit Dynamik und Kontrolle.
Wem das mutige italienische Design gefällt, der findet mit dem Classic One einen Verstärker fürs Leben.

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Pathos ClassicOne MKIII Info: After having won over the international audiophile community with state-of-the-art reference amplifiers, to conceive a product with a set price point as the main design limit has been a true challenge to Pathos. The Classic One project was initiated to transfer, in a more affordable amplifier, all the know-how and expertise acquired developing reference products. Classic One represents a new standard in its price category: it success fully blends in a single chassis a preamplifier and power amplifier, completely separated from each other and provided with their own individual power supplies. The pre-stage - or, better, the preamplifier - is purely tube, balanced, pure Class A, extremely low noise, with high intrinsic linearity and without any feedback. It provides an exquisitely tube sound in terms of transparency, air, harmonics and refinement… in one word, musicality. co2The power stage is a solid state power amplifier, high bias current, Class A/AB in order to adequately drive every load. It provides the sound with speed and dynamics, without influencing the tube nature of the sound. The volume control is motorised and remote controlled, the remote itself is of solid wood. Power supplies are over-dimensioned and stabilised. Selected components, pure silver Pathos signal cable wiring, gold plated terminals, high quality materials, and refinement at its highest standard are additional benefits provided with the Classic One. Together with such sound performance and overall quality, the Classic One is offered at a price that clearly demonstrates a philosophy of value for money. This all possible thanks to an aimed design approach coupled with extremely accurate engineering and superior aesthetic form. Main Specifications: Type: Integrated amplifier with remote in Class A/AB, hybrid circuit with input tube stage, bridgeable Output Power: 2 x 70W @ 8 Ohm, 2 x 130W @ 4 Ohm, 270W in bridged mode (mono) Inputs: 5 line, including one balanced (XLR) Frequency response: 2Hz ÷ 100kHz THD: <0.05% Signal/noise ratio: 90dB Innovations about the new Classic One MKIII : 1-we use an high quality op-amp to drive the MosFet power amplifier. It is an ultra low noise, high linearity and very low distorsion op-amp. More definition on the sound and clearer. You'll immediately appreciate its superior sound. 2-we use a new volume control with Burr-Brown ic which is more linear and it can accept up to +/-12V audio signal. In this way we avoid the input saturation when the cd player has high voltage output (5V). There is also a new power supply. 3-we added a particular electronic stage to protect the power amplifiers against short-circuit on the speaker connectors. This particular network is an high impedence stage that feels the current and save the output stage when a short circuit happens. 4-we use a new high quality speaker connectors that are completely protected with a transparent plastic, in order to avoid short circuit. 5-use a new stainless steel cover for the power transformer 6-new power transformer which can work up to 130Vac , so it is less sensitive to the different voltages in the US territory. we also supply an addictional set of spare fuses. We use chromium plated knobs and wood of front panel is paduk (red). Input impedance: 100kOhm



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