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V90-AMP - Overview

The V90-AMP is truly an amplifier for the modern world. Offering both USB and traditional inputs it delivers a big sound from a small, discreet unit that fits in easily with any room decor.

Auto selection of inputs and simple, combined connections make the V90-AMP suitable for a wide range of input sources such as computers, streaming audio devices and more traditional sources.

Music lovers will delight in the V90-AMP’s ability to deliver wonderful music in any location - be it in an office, study, bedroom or living room.

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V90-AMP - Design and Build

The V90 Amp was designed for multi room and computer based audio.  It has inputs for 24 bit asynchronous USB, optical/analog.  Power is a healthy 20 watts per channel.  The V90 Amp has advanced, prioritised automatic input selection.  Priority is given to the asynchronous USB input.  Then the optical/analog.  If USB is connected but there is no data stream the V90 Amp will automatically switch to the optical/analog.  This interesting facility makes it perfect for computer based and multi room together.

For example; using an Apple Airplay/Airport system (or other similar system) it is possible to send your music to any location with an Airport.  Taking the optical output from that to the V90 Amp then gives you excellent multi room.  At the same time you can connect your computer to the USB input of the same system.  If there is no music coming from your computer the V90 Amp will automatically select the Apple Airport source.  Immediately the computer starts a music data stream the V90 Amp will automatically switch to that.  Great flexibility!

The V90 Amp gives excellent sound quality and great flexibility for computer audio and multi room applications. 

V90-AMP - Specifications

Audio Performance

  • Power: 20W /channel into 8 Ohms (Suitable for speakers 6 ohms minimum)
  • THD: <0.1% typical 'A' weighted
  • Signal/noise ratio: >85dB 'A' weighted
  • Input impedance: 47KΩ
  • Frequency response: +0, -3dB 10Hz to 20 kHz


  • Line level input: 1x stereo 3.5mm "jack" connector
  • Optical input: 1x optical 3.5mm "jack" combined with line level input above
  • USB input: 1x Type "B" asynchronous, 16-24 bits, up to 48kHz sample rate
  • Speaker outputs: 2 pairs spring loaded speaker terminals
  • DC output (for future MF product only)
  • Power input: 3-way "Cloverleaf" mains power socket


  • Power requirement: 90-250Vac universal mains
  • Dimensions: Length 117mm / 4⅔" (including terminals and volume contro)l
  • Width: 170mm / 6⅔"
  • Height: 47mm / 1⅔" including feet
  • Weight: Unit alone 710g / 1⅔lbs, packed in carton 1.38Kg / 3lbs

Also in the box

  • Optical adaptor (Toslink to 3.5mm jack)
  • Analogue adaptor (2xRCA to 3.5mm jack)
  • "Cloverleaf" Mains lead
  • Instruction Manual



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